Data4SDG: Characterizing the Data Supply dimension of Data Ecosystems*

510 has developed a methodology to characterize data ecosystems on five dimensions, see this this paper. Please inspect it for further details and do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to apply this methodology to your context.
This dashboard visualizes the Actor (data provider; intermediary), Data Infrastructure and Data Supply dimension (focusing on two characteristics: (a) granularity and spatial coverage; (b) content of data) for SDG 6.1.1 on water points. Explore the water point data from nine different sources:
USE 1: Spatial coverage and granularity: Click one source (e.g. CJF) in the Sources-chart, and see that the map will be quite empty. If you now select additional sources (by clicking them) the map will start to fill up more and more. This shows how multiple sources together can reach a higher spatial coverage. Click on Switch to TA or GVH level to see at which granularity level data is available.
USE 2: Content of data: You can filter on attributes by first selecting one (or more) attributes in the Attributes-chart. The other charts will automatically reflect the sources in which this attribute is present. This shows where data source can be complementary and where content is still missing.
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* This research is based on the results of the project “Building a Data Collaborative to support SDGs on Health and WASH in Malawi and the Democratic Republic of Congo” funded by the 2017 Innovation Fund of the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data (GPSDD) in partnership with the World Bank.)

Source Data provider Intermediary Data Infrastructure
Madzi AlipoSeveralFishermen's restMadzi Alipo
WPDxSeveralWPDx Working GroupWPDx
DoIWDDepartment of Irrigation and Water Development-Data provider
PCIProject Concern International-Data provider
DoSDepartment of Surveys-MASDAP
MRCSMalawi Red Cross Society-Data provider
OSMSatellite imagery (from e.g. Bing, Google Maps) and mappersHumanitarian OpenStreetMap Team, Missing Maps, OSM community MalawiOpenstreetmap (OSM)
CJFSeveral subcontractors and government agenciesWaterFuturesProgram mWater